_MG_4340In each lesson I provide hands on guidance, gently moving the body into a more balanced and coordinated state, as you engage in a thoughtful process that helps reintegrate the neuromuscular system. With each lesson your awareness of your body grows as does the ability to access greater postural support and ease of movement.

We will explore sitting, standing, bending, walking.  Depending on your own needs and interests, we will also examine activities such as working at a computer, speaking, singing, gardening, exercising, or playing a musical instrument. Part of each lesson is devoted to lying on a bodywork table in a position of constructive rest.  This practice helps to further release habitual patterns of excess effort and restore skeletal alignment.

There is no special clothing required for a lesson. You are encouraged to wear clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict movement. Lessons are 45 minutes in length. 


Individual Lessons: $75.00

Most students require five to ten lessons to understand the fundamental principles of the Technique and to begin effectively applying the skills they are learning to their everyday lives. Some people choose to take ongoing lessons, because they enjoy the regular support of a teacher.